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Only enough blood for one...

So I am in a serious relationship, engaged... and he wants an open fucking relationship???

He is on all kinds of frikkin' dating sites and keeps them current.
Why the hell does he need them? He swears that I'm all he needs. But ladies, who hasn't heard that one before, right?
It pissed me off royally when he asks me one night if I would be upset if he went on a date or two with some girl(s) just to make sure he doesn't lose his youth...
All I could come up with were angry, bitchy words. So I just told him that I had been stabbed in the back and that he should go and leave me alone.

I know this isn't a true rant, but I mean, it qualifies in my book.

I told him that one of my deepest fears is dying alone, and the way he made me feel was just that, a lonely death.

Fuck the men.
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