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Ok first things first....

I know your down on your luck...I know you need a place to stay and things are down for you and life is hard and all the other things you want to tell me!!!I am not a heartless jerk i know all to well that i might be just one bad payday from where you are now......but really when i say i have no change to give you i really mean,"I HAVE NO CHANGE TO GIVE YOU!!" it's not thats i don't feel for your lack of luck but i really have nothing in my pocket i can give you..so never and i mean never should you think this is the best time to tell me i am lying to you ..even when i take the keys from my pocket to show that it was them you heard clinking about..and even when i pull the pockets out to show i have NOTHING IN THEM...you still think it's a good time to say i am lying and i really have no clue how it is for you ...well guess what i do asshole!! It's not like your the first person to ever be down on their luck...and i can tell you i was for a while but i did everything in my power to crawl back out of the gutter and start over and if you think that telling me how hard you have it and calling me a fucker at the same time is how to get it together than sorry i hope you find a way that works ...but not from me !
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