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what the fuck did you say?

[17 Jan 2007|05:09pm]

[ mood | scared ]

I'm new so here goes my intro...
I'm Ashley. I'm 17. Life is too confusing for me, and I've fucked up wayy too many things in my life...and I'm trying to concentrate on NOT fucking up now...it's hard.
I'm sort of in love...and thats nice...

I don't have much to say about myself.

what the fuck did you say?

HaHa! [24 Nov 2006|11:07pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Hmmm...so rant huh? Well...there's plenty to bitch about where I'm from...

Let's see...first you have the lil whores around here...the homewreckers. You know which ones I'm speaking of, right? They're the ones who can't seem to find their own men, yet they're constantly fuckin' everyone else's! I can't stand those lil trifling bitches!

Then you have the theifs...the ones who break into ur house cuz they're too fucking lazy to go out and get a fuckin' job!

Then you have the idiots who talk shit all the time but never really say anything!

There are plenty of fucked up people in this world...way too many to be honest!

2 heard me bitch! what the fuck did you say?

Only enough blood for one... [26 Sep 2005|09:07pm]

[ mood | emotionally drained bia. ]

So I am in a serious relationship, engaged... and he wants an open fucking relationship???

He is on all kinds of frikkin' dating sites and keeps them current.
Why the hell does he need them? He swears that I'm all he needs. But ladies, who hasn't heard that one before, right?
It pissed me off royally when he asks me one night if I would be upset if he went on a date or two with some girl(s) just to make sure he doesn't lose his youth...
All I could come up with were angry, bitchy words. So I just told him that I had been stabbed in the back and that he should go and leave me alone.

I know this isn't a true rant, but I mean, it qualifies in my book.

I told him that one of my deepest fears is dying alone, and the way he made me feel was just that, a lonely death.

Fuck the men.

4 heard me bitch! what the fuck did you say?

[22 Apr 2005|07:15pm]

[ mood | Anybody there? ]

There's one thing I hate. And that's old frickin' ladies who're sure you use drugs. No one under the age of 46 can be clean or smart because the young are so corrupted by frickin' movies, music and lack of discipline. Every single thing we do a little differently than normally, e.g. leave the bathroom door open it's set. We're drug users or dealers.

Same goes with frickin' smoking. No one does anything if they see someone underage smoking, but no way can they buy their cigarettes. Once a police car passed me when I was smoking and they did nothing although I'm a big ugly babyface. I look like I'm fifteen or fourteen. If they're not going to stop our smoking with fees and stuff, why deny selling cigarettes to us? We can always ask someone older than us get us some, right?

I... just want to... smoke. For God's sake. They're my lungs. My cancer. My death.


4 heard me bitch! what the fuck did you say?

[06 Apr 2005|08:56pm]

You know what fucking pisses me off? People who can't take a goddamn joke...for christ sake lighten the fuck up. Oooooohhh lord I told a Jew joke now Im going to hell after getting a ten minute long lecture about the holocaust! Oooooohhhh...lord I cracked a black joke now Im a filthy racist pig! Oooohhh...a dead baby joke? Now im just...SICK! Shut the fuck up and take a joke, don't take it to heart and don't think Im doing shit just to piss you off...LIGHTEN UP. Oh thats right, I forgot most people are too fucking mature to take a joke and have to seem like a high and mighty deity by lecturing you about the fundamentals of world war 2 and how terrible slavery was for the black people...well, dingbats, I DON'T CARE BECAUSE I ALREADY KNOW THAT BECAUSE I'M NOT A STUPID PIECE OF GARBAGE AND I DO INDEED HAVE A BRAIN. CHRIST!

...by the way, "What do you call a shed full of dead black people? Antique Farm Equipment!"


2 heard me bitch! what the fuck did you say?

[11 Mar 2005|10:51pm]

i joined here randomly... but this place is kinda dead so i might leave?

4 heard me bitch! what the fuck did you say?

[19 Feb 2005|01:44pm]









what the fuck did you say?

alright. [26 Jan 2005|11:24am]

[ mood | angry ]

I just wanted to begin this by telling you guys that this is an awesome idea for a community, and I may need to use it frequently. I actually JUST started a journal.. (a written one) that I just write rants in, but this is cool cause someone can read it and maybe relate and feel the same way.. but here, off to my fucking rant..

I'm so sick and tired of people complaining about their mother fucking parents. I'm sick and tired of kids saying their parents dont love them. I have a friend who was bitching about how her mother doesn't love her.. because she didnt take her to the mall. COME ON! Like, your mother fucking loves you.. she doesn't have to take you everywhere you want to go just so you know that she loves you. I hate spoiled little bitches. It just got me so aggrivated, because shes always complaining about how much her mother doesnt love her, and then she complains how her mom wants to be a part of her life but she wont let her in because she doesnt want to talk to her, i mean what a big contradiction right there. You know? I just think people need to wake up and smell the mother fucking pillow. (haha) because they need to realize that they dont get everything they want..

some people just don't understand the word NO

Thats the end of that.

what the fuck did you say?

[16 Jan 2005|06:36pm]

im the typical "keep what u really feel inside"... WELL FUCK THAT.
soo much shit where do i start?
ill start with the most important one. HER.
She walks into my life and i think shes all great and nice and cool.. then she fucking stabs me in the back a thousand times and fucks me over completely.. whats that all about?! did you enjoy comforting me when i was crying over HIM. when all the time YOU were waiting for that day for months.. MONTHS.
the whole world doesnt revolve around u. SERIOUSLY. there are other people with worse problems so open ure fucking eyes and get over yourself.
AH. wow.. that feels so much better.
THAT thing.. i was there for that thing 24 hours a day seven days a week. i rang IT when it needed help, i would drop everything if IT asked. without hesitation. what do i get in return?..... nothing. where were u when i needed help? when i tried to tell u what was making me so depressed? when u went thru ure first heart break i was round ure house within five minutes with chocolate tissues and movies... where were u when i had my fist heart break? out clubbing. thats right. u found out AND THEN told me u were going out... well thanks for that. its nice to know im appreciated.
Last but not least... HIM.
i cant explain how much i feel for you. i never stopped loving you. did u really think i could?.. and how long did it take u to stop loving me... three days.. three days before u jumped into bed with her. u fucking arsehole.
u know what the stupid thing is? i thought it was the real deal with you. i really thought that u loved me. but i was just another black mark in ure book wasnt i? let sbe honest here. u could never love anyone. i hear what u say to her... and each word is like a stab in the heart. well guess what?! two can play that game.
phew. its true.. it is good to talk!
so yeah hi..im new here.. many more like that to come!
look forward to reading ure rants!

what the fuck did you say?

bullshit [30 Jul 2004|12:19am]

[ mood | irritated ]

my rant topic: ah yes...live-in boyfriends.

so hes leaving me in about a week ( BTW,with no new roommate lined up). why fucking bother with the attempts at affection??? what difference does it make at this point? as far as im concerned, youre already gone. oh, wait i get it... you still want the benefits of having a bootylicious gf up until the moment you leave. fuck that. make up your mind and stick with it. try acting your age and accept the consequences of your flighty actions. this waiting for that day to arrive is exhausting me, so leave.

do you guys know where im coming from??? why do they think they can have it all then leave it when its most convenient for them??

fuck relationships. im done.

1 heard me bitch! what the fuck did you say?

when the fuse is lit.... [27 Jul 2004|10:49pm]

[ mood | theres got to be something ]

i will need this community soon. for now, an intro= im new, im not full of shit, and cool humans are requested for communication purposes.


1 heard me bitch! what the fuck did you say?

Wow [09 Jul 2004|01:17am]

[ mood | silly ]

this com. Is very boring lol so im gonna spice it up a bit by complaing about shit and swearing!!

WOW i joined this com. about religion and they were SO FUCKING mean!! ita like wow u all complain about being judged for what u belieave in and ur all judging me.
They all gay any ways,
I WAS SUSPOSED to get my hair dyed!!! god planed dont work out for me hahah!!
My step is so fucking gay! he thinks he can treat me like his fucking daughter.. well gusse what billy i cant wait when i move out and i can fucking tell u off u perverted i like porn!! man!!

god... haha

what the fuck did you say?

Ok first things first.... [06 Jun 2004|06:20am]

[ mood | crappy ]

I know your down on your luck...Read more...Collapse )

what the fuck did you say?

[30 Apr 2004|11:50pm]

[ mood | bitchy ]

i so hate it when ppl who you think are your friends, totally go behind your back and are like, "i'm not trying to start anything, but i think you should read "so-and-so's" entry for 4/21" yeah right, not trying to start shit! kiss my ass! if it's the "anonymous" person i'm thinking of, then "it" never was my friend in the first place. i want to confront it, but instead, i rant on quietly, but i will be heard. piyoss, me off!

3 heard me bitch! what the fuck did you say?

[05 Apr 2004|04:08am]
i'm new

a little complicated at times


2 heard me bitch! what the fuck did you say?

Goddamn you low lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [30 Jan 2004|05:56pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

now look see... I'm so fucking tired of seeing shit about pro anorexia, girls asking all around,"give me tips and shit on how to become anorexic and bulimic"! I have been in recovery for 3 years dealing with my eating disorder so I know that there is alot of shit that you deal with on a daily basis, having this disease is tuff, and anyone with an eating disorder should have someone where to go for support, but for those who are trying to loose weight knowing that anorexia is a disorder and some thing that should takin seriously, but choose to act like its some sort of cult that will help you loose weight and make you happy, I suggest you get a fucking job, stop being stupid and go to a fucking gym, or a therapis (its fucking free!) you all should know the fuck better, have some goddamn common sense and grow the fuck up because your just going to make your life harder as you get older, but if that is what you want to do, then fucking kill yourself a little faster, like jump off a building, one less pro anaian that I have to think about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!for those who put up sites that have tips and tricks go to hell!!!

2 heard me bitch! what the fuck did you say?

[27 Nov 2003|11:00am]
i'm new. go me.

my friends use me.. not a new shock. well.. everyone i know pretty much uses me.. and its funny because they think that i dont know that they're using me. it fucking pisses me off. damn them. and what sucks is that i let it bother me.

oh yeah. people that talk about other people behind their backs, but hate it when you talk about THEM behind THEIR back?! WTF is the deal with that? you can dish it out, but you cant take it back?

fucking stupid morons ;x

3 heard me bitch! what the fuck did you say?

listen here.. [03 Nov 2003|06:51pm]

[ mood | relieved ]

so you think, that you can just lie to me and everything is done?
you little motherfucker.
i don't give two shits how fucking spoiled you are, but all i gotta say is that i did everything to get you to talk to me again.
not once did you have the balls to tell me what your intentions had been, you just stringed me along.
not wanting to get rid of me, but running tire tracks on me.
son of a bitch.
i can't wait till Karma fucks you up the ass.
and whatever hoe you are with, or will be with.
let's just say
i curse that fucking union.
i hope she does to you what you did to me.

oh by the way, first time here.
my first rant.
my name is roe
i'm 20.

2 heard me bitch! what the fuck did you say?

argh.. :/ it's a long one [13 Oct 2003|01:42am]

I'm sick and tired of soceity. Tired of society controlling each and every generation that goes and fades. I'm tired of people always trying to find ways to break someone, when not realizing of how they're just wasting their life on such a idiotic idea. Sick of people trying to compete and compare you with something or someone else, something you or they may not have, and use it against you. The fucked up thing is, many of us were brought up by insulting anything we find noticiable in someone's looks or attitude-I.E.: people that wear black nails.... people who rant a lot IRL. I mean, come on, many people think that black nails is.. is... GOTHICA ND AND AND YOU WORSHIP SATAN FOR IT!!!! lol, such ignorant bastards, why do they populate the world in tons? it's fucking annoying. And to think we live in a country of, "all men created equal." Bull shit, think of how we started: A bunch of agricultural men that really have no experience in government that say that all men are created equal-except for women and, "niggers." Oh how we love to use that offencive american word... Of how people try to break us apart, make us fall down, and plea for mercy.... there, I'm done... I'm going to sleep now! :D

5 heard me bitch! what the fuck did you say?

*Men...* [29 Aug 2003|12:12pm]

so look this is a rant about my "Boyfriend" I hate this man he isn't even considered my boyfriend to me anymore... he has been AWOL for about 2 weeks and I haven't heard a single word from him and I have come to a point... I maybe blind (not rerally u know just... u know) but I'm not stupid...

he is a jack ass... a Bitch ass hoe ass trick ass nigga... who has been doing some hoe ass shit to me and I am FUCKING tired of it I am tired of having to make things work for me and him I am tired of being tha one to wanna see him and to miss him...

He kept thinking when I went out of town that I had fucked someone I DID NOT FUCK ANYONE!!! that whole time I was gone I wanted to be wit him and he busts out with what's that on ur neck (yea I know u have no idea what I'm talking about)... and it just went from there

He stopped coming to see me and i was like ok well he's a grown man he's got shit to do I am gonna respect that then I see him once that week he says he's moving and that was 2 weeks ago today how FUCKING LONG does it take to get settled... fuck him tho... he ain't shit... nothing about that man means shit to me anymore... I am sick of being lonely becasue of him....

I am tired of being treated like shit, of being tha one to try and make it work... so fuck him and his lousy good for nothing son of a bitch... baby momma fuckin... hoe ass shit doing motherfuckin self...

I am gonna miss one thing tho... tha sex... my god... i have never been fucked so well in my life.... wow.... sorry....

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