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aorants's Journal

w t f ? !
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welcome to AO-rants. this journal was made by sar & tay, for a couple reasons.

a) we're sick of having to post shit about others in our own journals

b) sarah, being a dumb ass and all, forgot the password to aomelodramatics, so they can't do anything with that.

c) why the fuck not make a community about ranting?

: R U L E S :

1 : Someone types shit about you in here, do NOT reply in their journal, but use this one.

2: No comment link wars. Only 10 comments per post allowed. Any that violate this will have that post removed, for the simple fact that Sarah doesn't want 328939843 emails in her box, each day.

3: Try and stick on subject. Posts about what color your hair is, isn't exactly relevant to the community's idea. But posts about how your hair dresser fucked up the color of your hair and you're angry about, are okay.

4: No quizzes. Wtf would anyone post one of those here?

Talk about whatever the fuck really pisses you off. Have fun. Let go. =D<

this community is run by :
this community is run by sarah (sin0fstigmata) -- and taylor (menthol_delight)