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There's one thing I hate. And that's old frickin' ladies who're sure you use drugs. No one under the age of 46 can be clean or smart because the young are so corrupted by frickin' movies, music and lack of discipline. Every single thing we do a little differently than normally, e.g. leave the bathroom door open it's set. We're drug users or dealers.

Same goes with frickin' smoking. No one does anything if they see someone underage smoking, but no way can they buy their cigarettes. Once a police car passed me when I was smoking and they did nothing although I'm a big ugly babyface. I look like I'm fifteen or fourteen. If they're not going to stop our smoking with fees and stuff, why deny selling cigarettes to us? We can always ask someone older than us get us some, right?

I... just want to... smoke. For God's sake. They're my lungs. My cancer. My death.


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