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I just wanted to begin this by telling you guys that this is an awesome idea for a community, and I may need to use it frequently. I actually JUST started a journal.. (a written one) that I just write rants in, but this is cool cause someone can read it and maybe relate and feel the same way.. but here, off to my fucking rant..

I'm so sick and tired of people complaining about their mother fucking parents. I'm sick and tired of kids saying their parents dont love them. I have a friend who was bitching about how her mother doesn't love her.. because she didnt take her to the mall. COME ON! Like, your mother fucking loves you.. she doesn't have to take you everywhere you want to go just so you know that she loves you. I hate spoiled little bitches. It just got me so aggrivated, because shes always complaining about how much her mother doesnt love her, and then she complains how her mom wants to be a part of her life but she wont let her in because she doesnt want to talk to her, i mean what a big contradiction right there. You know? I just think people need to wake up and smell the mother fucking pillow. (haha) because they need to realize that they dont get everything they want..

some people just don't understand the word NO

Thats the end of that.
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