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listen here..

so you think, that you can just lie to me and everything is done?
you little motherfucker.
i don't give two shits how fucking spoiled you are, but all i gotta say is that i did everything to get you to talk to me again.
not once did you have the balls to tell me what your intentions had been, you just stringed me along.
not wanting to get rid of me, but running tire tracks on me.
son of a bitch.
i can't wait till Karma fucks you up the ass.
and whatever hoe you are with, or will be with.
let's just say
i curse that fucking union.
i hope she does to you what you did to me.

oh by the way, first time here.
my first rant.
my name is roe
i'm 20.
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hi i'm new to these lj parts, looking for some kool people to talk to. it seems we have alot in common, what with man hating and all. i reciently found out my boyfriend has been cheating on me so naturally your entry basically embodied my feelings on all the "little boys" out there.if you want to write me back thats kool, if not thats fine too. cya
oh by the way i'm 18 and female...i'ed give you my name, but i dont do that on computers
haha yea that's cool. don't give out anything you aren't comfortable doing.
i was pretty pissed, i actually read that just now and blushed. i can't believe i was that mad.
but i guess it was justified.

yea it's hard when people get screwed over their significant other.
no problem.
you can add me if you like. i have no problem talking to ya. in fact i'm honored. thanks! :)
hahaha that was fucking awesome.