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so look this is a rant about my "Boyfriend" I hate this man he isn't even considered my boyfriend to me anymore... he has been AWOL for about 2 weeks and I haven't heard a single word from him and I have come to a point... I maybe blind (not rerally u know just... u know) but I'm not stupid...

he is a jack ass... a Bitch ass hoe ass trick ass nigga... who has been doing some hoe ass shit to me and I am FUCKING tired of it I am tired of having to make things work for me and him I am tired of being tha one to wanna see him and to miss him...

He kept thinking when I went out of town that I had fucked someone I DID NOT FUCK ANYONE!!! that whole time I was gone I wanted to be wit him and he busts out with what's that on ur neck (yea I know u have no idea what I'm talking about)... and it just went from there

He stopped coming to see me and i was like ok well he's a grown man he's got shit to do I am gonna respect that then I see him once that week he says he's moving and that was 2 weeks ago today how FUCKING LONG does it take to get settled... fuck him tho... he ain't shit... nothing about that man means shit to me anymore... I am sick of being lonely becasue of him....

I am tired of being treated like shit, of being tha one to try and make it work... so fuck him and his lousy good for nothing son of a bitch... baby momma fuckin... hoe ass shit doing motherfuckin self...

I am gonna miss one thing tho... tha sex... my god... i have never been fucked so well in my life.... wow.... sorry....
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